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    Burglary Insurance

    Protecting your business assets is crucial, and burglary insurance plays a key role. It covers unlawful damages caused to the assets like furniture, machinery, and equipment within your premises. Often packaged with fire insurance, it encompasses various damages—fire, theft, storms, riots, and more—to ensure comprehensive coverage for your property.

    What is the meaning of Burglary Insurance?

    Burglary insurance provides additional protection for your property by covering damages or losses caused by burglary or housebreaking. It applies to various locations such as homes, offices, factories, and storage areas, offering coverage under specific circumstances.

    • Attempted theft or theft by a criminal at the specified location.
    • An armed robbery or a hold-up.
    • Stealing by using convincing, forceful, or aggressive entry.

    What makes Burglary Insurance necessary?

    If someone breaks into your home and steals your belongings, it can be emotionally and financially devastating. Adding coverage for expensive jewellery, diamonds, or gemstones to a Home Burglary Insurance policy is also an option.

    If an intruder breaks into your office and manages to steal items like inventory, fixtures, and tools of the trade such as typewriters, calculators, etc., burglary insurance or theft insurance would come to your rescue. This insurance provides crucial financial assistance to help you cope with such incidents.

    Burglary insurance policies primarily address the risk of violent or forceful theft attempts on the insured premises. If burglaries and housebreaking are common in your area, obtaining theft or burglary insurance coverage becomes important to protect the safety and security of your home, office, or storage space.

    Who should buy burglary insurance coverage?

    The main purpose of buying burglary insurance is to protect your property from the risk of burglary or attempted burglary.

    Breaking into houses, theft, and similar incidents frequently make newspaper headlines. Such news and incidents are a threat to the safety and security of the home, office, or go down.

    In today’s times, we are living in times where we can’t leave our homes unattended for a long duration of time. It can bring constant worry about the safety and security of your property. Burglary insurance comes in as a relief, offering peace of mind and assurance in such situations.

    These plans offer benefits to the following individuals:

    • Owners of a business corporation where many people come in every day can benefit from these plans.
    • Anyone who owns a godown where goods are kept.
    • People who need to leave their premises empty for a long time.

    When you’re far from home or your office, burglary insurance addresses your security concerns, easing your worries.

    These Plans Serve the Following Individuals:

    • Anyone who has a godown for keeping goods.
    • Someone who goes to work and leaves their house unattended because there’s no one to take care of it.
    • Who owns a business corporation where lots of people come in every day.

    Types of Burglary Insurance Plans

    There are three main types of burglary insurance plans, which are:

    First Loss Insurance

    With first loss insurance, if a complete loss is unlikely, policyholders can choose to insure a specific percentage of their stocks.

    Stock Declaration Insurance

    This plan becomes useful when there's frequent fluctuation in a large number of stocks throughout the financial year. The coverage amount is set at the highest anticipated stock value as determined by the policyholder.

    Full Value Insurance

    A full value insurance plan covers the entire value of the insured property.

    Key Characteristics of Burglary Insurance

    Different insurers might offer varied features, but here are some key aspects commonly found in home burglary or burglary insurance plans:

    • Additional benefits like cash cover and coverage for risks arising from strikes, riots, theft, and malicious damage are accessible within these plans.
    • The coverage includes death, both permanent and partial disabilities, as well as temporary disability.
    • Their purpose is to provide protection for business premises against forceful or commanding housebreaking and burglary.
    • Availability of coverage based on the first loss principle.

    Benefits of Burglary Insurance

    Burglary insurance provides financial support if there’s any loss or damage to the insured property. Let’s explore the benefits of having a burglary insurance policy:

    • When you buy burglary insurance for your business premises, it protects against damages to products, furniture, and property housed within the business area.
    • Certain insurance providers offer the option to extend your insurance plan to include coverage for events like strikes, cash, jewelry, riots, malicious damages, theft, and more. You can enhance your insurance coverage by paying an additional premium.
    • It offers protection against damages to your property resulting from attempted or successful burglary or housebreaking.
    • Even if the assured amount falls short, the plan will still cover a proportionate amount of the damage or loss.

    Importance of Burglary Insurance

    A theft occurring in an office, shop, or home can lead to significant financial losses. Home burglary insurance provides essential compensation in these situations. In India, burglary incidents are frequent, making a burglary insurance policy essential to recover from such substantial losses.

    It’s an easy, useful, and stress-free way to protect yourself and your belongings from these dangers.

    What is included under Burglary Insurance?

    Here’s a summary of what a burglary insurance plan covers in the grid below.

    It covers the loss or damage to the insured belongings inside the insured place due to the following reasons:

    • This provision covers bulk items on a ‘first loss’ basis, providing coverage for a percentage of the total stored stock exposed to the risk of housebreaking and burglary. The premium is calculated solely based on the chosen percentage of coverage.
    • This plan offers protection for any damages sustained by the insured property as a result of theft or break-ins.
    • This includes any attempted theft or theft committed by an individual hiding within the insured property.
    • Forceful and violent entry
    • Robbery involving weapons or a hold-up

    What is excluded under Burglary Insurance?

    Here is a grid outlining common restrictions found in a burglary insurance policy:

    • Loss or damage incurred when the insured, their family members, or staff were directly involved in the theft or caused any related damages.
    • The policy covers items such as jewelry, precious gems, stones, designs, plans, business books, and cash unless specified otherwise in the coverage.
    • If changes are made to the insured property that make it riskier, it might affect the coverage.
    • Any damage(s) resulting from a nuclear bomb, weapons, and similar causes is not covered.
    • The insurance covers items like jewelry, precious gems, stones, designs, plans, business books, and cash, unless they’re specifically mentioned as not covered.
    • If the ownership of the assets has been passed to someone else from the insured, either through a will or by legal process.
    • Loss or damage resulting from government authorities’ actions such as nationalization or confiscation is not covered.
    • Damages caused by government actions like nationalization or confiscation are not covered.
    • Damages resulting from strikes, civil, commotion, or riots are not covered.

    How to file a Claim for Burglary Insurance?

    If you ever need to file a burglary insurance claim, simply follow the procedure outlined below:

    Firstly, the insured individual must notify both the insurance provider and the nearby police station regarding the incident. Then, they should register the claim for the loss or damage with the insurance provider within 14 days.

    Additionally, the insurer needs to furnish all pertinent details and evidence concerning the incurred loss or damage to the insurance provider.