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    Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance is a unique product that keeps you protected from money problems when you’re on a trip. It works for trips within your country or to other countries and helps if something goes wrong, like if you get sick, your flight is late, you lose important documents like your passport, or if your trip gets canceled. It also helps if something happens where you might have to pay money to someone else. It’s like a safety net for your money when you’re exploring new places.

    What do you mean by Travel Insurance?

    A travel insurance policy gives you money to help with lots of problems that might happen on your trip. Travel Insurance is a great way to protect your travels from unexpected financial losses like medical issues, legal problems, accidents, or if something goes wrong with your bookings. Some people think it’s just an extra cost, but it’s actually the best way to make sure you’re financially and mentally safe when you’re traveling abroad.

    If you check different travel insurances online and pick the best one before buying, you’ll be happy you got this safety net for your trip. Comparing before you decide helps you make a good choice, so your trip feels safer and you won’t feel bad about it later.

    Also, in many countries, buying travel insurance is a must if you want a valid visa. However, lots of Indian travelers understand the dangers of going abroad without travel insurance. That’s why more people are choosing to buy travel insurance online to stay safe from money problems while traveling.

    Buying travel insurance online is super easy because you can find plans made just for the kind of trip you’re taking. You can also buy additional coverage for things that are not usually included in the regular plan.

    Deciding how long you want insurance is also up to you, based on whether you’re going to work, with family, or to school. And there are some lesser-known benefits of travel insurance too, like getting money back if your passport is stolen, covering medical checks, delays in getting your luggage, or if you miss your connecting flight.

    Advantages of Buying Travel Insurance Plans

    Planning a trip, especially an international one needs lots of bookings and costs that are non-refundable if something goes wrong. That’s why having travel insurance is important, so you don’t waste money on things you can’t control. Buying travel insurance these days is great because it’s easier and has lots of good points. Here are some reasons why it’s smart to get travel insurance online:

    Fulfils Mandatory Requirement

    Many countries now need you to have travel medical insurance to get their visa. So, if you're planning to visit one of those places, just check out plans online, get one of India's top travel insurance plans, and you're good to go with your visa.

    It's simpler to compare plans

    Buying travel insurance online lets you check out and compare different insurance plans from various companies, all in one spot and within your budget.

    Cashless Treatment Facility

    If your trip's covered by travel insurance, going to a network hospital means you can get medical help without needing cash, no matter where you are in the world.

    Minimal Paperwork

    When you get travel insurance online, you don't have to deal with various forms or papers. Just enter your info on the website and grab the best travel insurance for your next trip hassle-free.

    No need for Insurance Agents

    You doesn’t have to depend on an insurance agent anymore to get travel insurance. You can find the best travel insurance that fits your budget by comparing options on MyPolicyExpress.

    Buy your policy instantly

    When you buy travel insurance with MyPolicyExpress, you save a lot of time because the policy comes right away. No need to go to the insurer's office or meet an agent. In India, there are loads of travel insurance options—you can compare what they offer and buy in just a few minutes!

    Key reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

    Life doesn’t come with guarantees, and the same goes for travel plans. Anything from being robbed to getting into an accident abroad can happen. That’s where travel insurance steps in, and can protect you financially. If you’re not sure about getting insurance for your trip, here are some solid reasons to buy travel insurance from India:

    • Meets the visa requirement for over 30 countries that ask for mandatory travel insurance from India.
    • Get money back for your lost, stolen, or damaged luggage.
    • Getting help for medical emergencies anywhere in the world.
    • Gives peace of mind while traveling and provides extra protection for the home against burglary or fire.
    • Assists in getting money back for extra flight costs caused by flight cancellations or rescheduling for different reasons.
    • Ensures worry-free travel and adds extra security for your home against burglary or fire.

    Top insurers in India offering the best Travel Insurance Plans

    In India, there are plenty of best travel insurance plans tailored for international trips. Leading Indian insurers provide a range of options with different advantages. If you’re thinking of going abroad, check out some of the best travel insurance choices available in India.

    Travel Insurance Companies Eligibility Criteria Key Features
    Aditya Birla Travel Insurance NA Medical expenses cover, Passport loss, Automatic policy extension
    Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance 06 months to 70 years Cashless hospitalisation, Loss of baggage/passport
    Bharti AXA Travel Insurance 03 months to 85 years Medical coverage, Emergency financial assistance, Baggage insurance
    Care Travel Insurance 01 days and above Emergency hospitalisation, Upgradation to business class, Adventure sports cover
    Chola MS Travel Insurance 03 months to 80 years Overseas medical expenses, Compassionate visit, Loss of international driving licence
    Digit Travel Insurance 03 months to 99 years Emergency medical treatment, Flight delays, Adventure sports cover
    Future Generali Travel Insurance 06 months to 80 years Medical expenses cover, Personal accident, Baggage delay/ loss
    IFFCO Tokio Travel Insurance NA Overseas medical expenses, Trip cancellation, Hospital daily allowance
    National Travel Insurance NA Medical expenses cover, Personal liability, Passport loss
    New India Travel Insurance 06 months to 70 years Medical coverage, Delay of check-in baggage, Personal accident
    Oriental Travel Insurance 06 months to 70 years Overseas medical expenses, Passport loss, Personal liability
    Reliance Travel Insurance 06 months to 70 years Cashless hospitalisation, Trip delay, Home burglary insurance
    Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance 91 days and above Medical expenses, Political risk & catastrophe evacuation, Missed connections
    SBI Travel Insurance 06 months to 70 years Emergency medical treatment, Trip delays
    Shriram Travel Insurance 90 days to 65 years Medical expenses cover, Loss of passport, Hijack distress allowance
    Star Travel Insurance 06 months to 70 years Emergency medical expenses, Personal liability, Flight delays and cancellation
    Tata AIG Travel Insurance 06 months to 70 years Medical coverage, Bounced flight/hotel bookings, Automatic trip extension
    United India Travel Insurance 5 years to 80 years Medical expenses, Trip cancellation, Hospital daily allowance
    Universal Sompo Travel Insurance 01 day to 70 years Emergency medical expenses, Personal accident, Baggage loss

    Travel Insurance Plan: Inclusion

    Before you head out on your trip, it’s as important as packing and booking to know what risks you might face. Check out what a travel insurance plan will protect you from. Here are common things most plans protect you from when traveling abroad:

    The best travel insurance plan assists with various travel emergencies, including:

    • Flight Delays: Your international insurance policy will cover extra expenses if your flight is delayed for specific reasons, according to the policy terms.
    • Travel Assistance: In a new city or country, your travel insurance plan offers urgent assistance, from customer support to locating nearby international network hospitals.
    • Policy Extension: If your trip gets prolonged for any reason, your international insurance will also be extended for a fixed period.

    Getting sick while traveling, especially on a holiday, can be really tough. It messes up your plans and can lead to unexpected expenses that weren’t part of your budget. That’s where travel insurance steps in to help cover those extra costs and support you when you’re not feeling well on your trip.

    • Medical Evacuation or Repatriation: If something serious happens while you’re abroad, like getting hurt or needing urgent medical help that requires moving to a safer spot or, in a tragic accident, travel insurance steps in. It covers the expenses needed for getting you back home, known as repatriation costs.
    • Medical Emergencies: If something happens like an accident or if you suddenly get sick your foreign travel insurance from India will cover you. Many Indian travel insurance companies even provide cashless services. That means they can pay the hospital directly for your treatment if it’s at one of their network hospitals.

    If you feel like the coverage in your travel insurance isn’t enough, you can personalize your travel and health insurance for trips by using add-ons. These extras, also known as ‘extra benefits,’ come with an additional premium.

    If you’re seeking precise protection, then these options are the best which will protect you:

    • Urgent Hotel Arrangements: If your trip is extended for any reason, this additional coverage includes hotel stay insurance, covering expenses for emergency accommodation during the extension.
    • Coverage for Adventure Sports: With this add-on, you can freely enjoy winter sports, adventure activities, and more while traveling overseas. If there are any medical expenses from these activities, your travel insurance policy will take care of them according to its schedule.
    • Home Burglary/Fire Insurance: This will protect your house from losses due to burglary, theft, or fire when you’re away from the country.

    Airline misplacing with baggage happens frequently, making it crucial to have a safety net. However, lots of travel insurance plans cover flight-related issues, providing benefits such as the following:

    • Provides Coverage for Luggage Delays: If your luggage is delayed, your travel insurance will cover essential purchases until your bag is returned.
    • Provides Coverage for Lost Luggage: Air travel can sometimes lead to misplaced or damaged luggage. An international travel insurance policy can assist with essential personal expenses such as clothing, medications, and toiletries.

    Note: Keep in mind that the cost of travel insurance can differ between insurers and the coverage options you select. Before choosing the best travel insurance from India, explore various options for price comparison available for travel insurance.

    Travel Insurance Plan: Exclusion

    Ignoring exclusions or uncovered situations within a travel insurance plan is a major cause of rejected claims. Prioritizing an understanding of these travel insurance exclusions before purchasing a plan can prevent misunderstandings and financial setbacks down the road.

    Additionally, this will help you determine if you’re comfortable with the quoted price for the chosen travel insurance plan. Many travel insurance companies in India often deny claims for the following reasons:

    • If your baggage is shipped separately or isn’t with you, your travel insurance policy won’t cover losses due to baggage loss.
    • Some policies have limitations and may not offer coverage outside of specific geographic regions.
    • Delay in reporting the lost luggage on time to the appropriate authorities can lead to the rejection of your travel insurance claim.
    • Travel insurance policies typically exclude coverage for medical expenses related to injuries or illness caused while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol.
    • Injuries or illnesses resulting from intoxication or alcohol consumption are excluded from coverage within a travel insurance policy.
    • Some travel insurance companies in India commonly exclude coverage for treatment costs related to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and mental or nervous disorders.
    • Travel insurance policies often do not cover claims associated with pregnancy or pregnancy-related complications.
    • Many travel insurance plans in India typically do not provide reimbursement for expenses incurred through alternative treatments like Homeopathy, Naturopathy, or Ayurveda.
    • Insurers generally do not cover claims associated with cosmetic or plastic surgery within travel insurance policies.
    • Travel insurance policies typically exclude coverage for treatment of self-inflicted injuries, including suicide attempts or suicide itself.
    • In India, most insurers don’t include coverage for pre-existing conditions in standard travel medical insurance plans unless an additional cover specifically for this purpose has been purchased.
    • Claims resulting from dependence on intoxicants, such as alcohol or drugs, are generally not covered by the insurer.
    • Several insurers exclude coverage for claims related to the insured’s participation in adventure sports and winter activities. This includes activities like mountaineering, bike races, scuba diving, and more.
    • Loss resulting from engaging in illegal activities, theft, felonies, and similar actions will typically not be covered.
    • Insurance typically excludes coverage for damage incurred during hazardous or dangerous work.
    • The insurer generally excludes coverage for claims arising from war-like situations or civil war in the visited country.
    • Not all insurers necessarily cover claims resulting from terrorist attacks in the destination city or country.
    • Expenses for obtaining a duplicate or new passport abroad after losing the original, especially if it was left unattended, may not be covered by the insurer.

    When you should Buy Travel Insurance?

    It’s best to purchase travel insurance right after booking your flight and hotel. Guides and insurance companies often suggest getting it within 15 days of purchasing your flight tickets and other non-refundable expenses.

    When it comes to buying travel insurance, you have the choice from where to buy travel insurance. Whether you prefer online convenience or visiting a physical store, the choice is yours. No matter where you choose to purchase travel insurance in India, make sure to compare plans with MyPolicyExpress advisor.

    What's the process for selecting the right Travel Insurance in India?

    If you’re going on a foreign trip for the first time, then you will be confused between the various options of travel insurance If you’re going on a foreign trip for the first time, then you will be confused between the various options of travel insurance. If you’re going on a foreign trip for the first time, then you will be confused between the various options of travel insurance.

    Where's your destination?

    Trip destinations come with varying costs for travel insurance, whether it a domestic or international, such as going to the US or Japan. Additionally, certain countries mandate travel insurance as a visa requirement, impacting your coverage amount and specific conditions significantly.

    How often do you find yourself traveling?

    For frequent travelers, a multi-trip insurance policy offers cost savings and convenience, eliminating the need for repetitive purchases. If your travels are infrequent, a single-trip insurance plan covering the entire journey might suit you better.

    What's the duration of your trip?

    The cost of your travel insurance is determined by the duration of your trip. Usually, individuals opt for a policy slightly exceeding their actual trip duration when buying online, allowing for flexibility without additional premium costs in case of unexpected changes.

    How Easy is the Claim Process?

    When purchasing travel insurance online, it's important to research the insurer thoroughly. Look into details like their claim-settlement ratio and any claim limits associated with different benefits. Every travel insurance policy has its own set limit for covering your claims.

    With whom will you be traveling?

    o If you're traveling solo, you can opt for an individual travel insurance policy. But if your family is joining, you can consider a family travel plan instead. Make sure to let the insurer know the total number of travelers for the right coverage.

    Requirements that must be met for a Travel Insurance Policy in India

    Any Indian citizen can buy travel insurance regardless of the policy type. Additional eligibility criteria for various travel insurance plans are outlined below:

    Plan Eligibility
    Travel Insurance Applicants should fall within the age range of 0.6 to 70 years
    Schengen Travel Insurance Available exclusively for Schengen Countries with a minimum coverage of 30,000 EUR required.
    Family Travel Insurance This policy is accessible for a group of four individuals, including the insured, spouse, and two dependents. Adults should fall between 18 and 60 years old, while children must be under 21 years of age.
    Senior Citizen Travel Insurance It is available to seniors, aged 61 to 90 years and beyond.
    Student Travel Insurance Applicants must be studying at an overseas educational institution and should be between 16 and 35 years old.
    Corporate Travel Insurance Must be aged between 18 and 70 years
    Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Entitled to multiple trips within a year

    Individuals between 18 and 70 years old are eligible, while children aged 3 months and above can also be covered. Additionally, this policy is renewable.

    Single-Trip Travel Insurance This policy is applicable for a single trip and covers adults aged between 18 and 70 years old, along with children aged 3 months and above

    Note: Keep in mind that age eligibility can differ among insurers. Before purchasing or reviewing any travel insurance online, it’s essential to verify the eligibility criteria with the insurance provider.

    What's the Importance of Comparing Travel Insurance Online?

    Choosing the ideal travel insurance amidst numerous options in India can be overwhelming. Comparing travel insurance plans stands as the most effective method to evaluate multiple options and pinpoint the insurer that offers the most advantageous benefits.

    Since these plans vary different needs, what’s good for one person might not be good for you. Sometimes, picking a certain plan might not help you and could cost more than you want to spend.

    For example, if you’re going to Europe with your mother, chances are her overseas insurance policy will cost much more than yours. You could get yourself affordable travel insurance and use the remaining budget to buy her a more expensive senior citizen travel insurance.

    Your travel insurance should cover your needs and stay within your budget. For example, the cost of your travel insurance quotes depends on various factors:

    • If the traveller has any existing health problems
    • If there are any limits about how long the trip can be
    • Traveller’s Age
    • The count of people traveling
    • Chosen destination or location
    • The amount covered or type of coverage chosen

    Many travel insurance companies in India offer customizable coverage where you can exclude unnecessary benefits, reducing costs compared to standard rates. These various factors can complicate understanding a plan’s benefits, potentially leading to quick decisions and buying a travel insurance plan that might not suit your specific needs.

    What's the process for Buying Travel Insurance?

    Getting travel insurance for the first time can be confusing, but this section is here to guide you through it all. From knowing when to buy travel insurance to step-by-step guidance, we’ve got you covered. With these four simple steps, buying international travel insurance is straightforward, making it easier for your upcoming trip! Follow these easy four steps below:

    • Share: Provide your basic details such as name, phone number, destination, age, and more to find plans that match your requirements.
    • Select: Select from the list of travel insurance options that best suit your needs and budget.
    • Pay: Use any convenient gateway to purchase the travel insurance of your choice.
    • Get: Your travel insurance policy for the upcoming journey.

    Ways to extend a Travel Insurance Policy

    Whether it’s a scheduled extension or due to an unexpected situation, having adequate travel insurance coverage in another country is crucial. Depending on the policy, extensions can range from 1-2 weeks or longer. Nonetheless, certain key points should be noted:

    • Annual trip insurance plans can be renewed, while extensions can be granted for other short-term policies.
    • When you’re traveling abroad, your insurance usually helps if something urgent happens, like going to the hospital, accidents, or natural disasters. Some insurances might even extend automatically if needed.
    • You might need to pay extra money to make your travel insurance last longer.
    • If you’re extending your insurance on purpose, let your insurer know quickly. Also, makez sure to adjust your premium payments to match your new travel plans.

    If your insurer doesn’t offer this feature, understand what documents you need and how extensions work before purchasing. If your travel policy ends while you’re overseas, you won’t have coverage there.