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    Many of us consider pets as precious family members, integral to our lives. In India, there has been a rapid transformation of pet owners into pet parents, and we are here to introduce you to the ultimate protection for your beloved furry babies: pet insurance plans!

    What do you mean by Pet Insurance?

    Pet insurance is a distinct form of insurance designed for a variety of animals, ensuring their general health and welfare. Similar to how we buy health insurance for ourselves and our family members, acquiring insurance for pets has emerged as an excellent means to support our pets in case they require medical or financial assistance.

    Being a pet parent is increasingly expensive due to rising annual routine expenses for animals. Vaccinations, tick treatments, grooming, and other necessities can range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 54,000 per year. Among these, veterinary fees and subsequent medical and surgical costs are the most substantial if your pet requires such care. A pet insurance policy ensures that your pets receive top-notch medical and legal assistance in case of unexpected situations.

    What is the importance of having pet insurance?

    As personal care, grooming, and medical expenses for pets continue to escalate, it is common to observe people spending between Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 80,000 annually on their pets. While already a well-established practice in other countries, pet insurance is increasingly gaining popularity in India due to the array of benefits it offers:

    Cost-effective and Save Additional Expenses

    By investing just a small premium, your pet can be covered for various benefits, including medical care, accidents, and, in many instances, even protection during overseas travel!

    Protection from Accidents

    Though we can't take our eyes off our furry babies, there are instances when they may get injured during play or due to various reasons. Your insurance will handle all these medical expenses, ensuring you don't incur unexpected financial burdens.

    Ensures Best Health

    Thanks to the insurance policy, your precious pets will receive the best treatment and medical care.

    Other Benefits

    Based on your insurer, your pet may receive exclusive benefits, such as coverage for third-party damages or protection in case your pet is stolen.

    What are the different types of Pet Insurance?

    Though insurance companies in India have been offering coverage for cattle and livestock, private-sector insurers now go beyond protecting against death. They also cover various expenses, including worldwide transit, third-party liabilities, theft or loss of pets, entry fees for dog shows, and more. Currently, there are different types of insurance plans available for pets:

    Cat Insurance

    Every animal is adorable, and so many insurance providers now extend benefits to individuals with cats as their pets. As a cat owner, having insurance for your pet feline ensures protection from all her daring adventures and promotes her overall well-being.

    Dog Insurance

    The most common pet insurance in India, considering an estimated total of 28-29 million pets in the country, comprises a significant majority of dogs. This number has notably surged, especially since the COVID-19 outbreak, with many people turning towards human's best friend. Most available pet insurance plans are designed for dog parents who seek to protect their cherished canine companions from all possible harm.

    What is included in Pet Insurance?

    The range of benefits varies with the insurer, as well as the cost of the premium. The following are the coverages provided under Pet Insurance:

    • Death caused by accidents/illness.
    • Coverage for hospitalization.
    • Coverage for surgical expenses.
    • Dogs that are lost or have been stolen.
    • Coverage for the Outpatient Department (OPD).

    What is excluded in Pet Insurance?

    In some cases, the insurer may not provide coverage for medical expenses:

    • The coverage does not extend to surgeries for the treatment of deformities or congenital defects.
    • Surgeries that are not required due to illness or accident are not covered.
    • Surgeries related to grooming are not included.
    • Surgeries performed due to pregnancy or whelping are excluded from coverage.
    • Dental surgeries not resulting from an accident or injury will not receive coverage.
    • Cosmetic or elective surgeries unrelated to injury will not be eligible for coverage.

    Criteria for Pet Insurance Eligibility

    Pet insurance can be purchased for pets aged between 2 months to 10 years, depending on the insurer.

    For dogs, canine insurance coverage is available for indigenous, cross-bred, and exotic breeds.. It’s important to note that the premium of the insurance plan will vary based on the age, breed, and size of the dog.­­