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Helps You Stay Legally Complaint

It helps you stay legally compliant as according to Indian Motor Tariff/.

Protection Against Third-Party Liabilities

A car insurance policy helps you mitigate third-party liabilities.

Protection Against Own-Damages

It helps you keep yourself financially secured against the own-damage expenses.

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    Car insurance is like a safety net for your vehicle’s finances. It steps in to cover unexpected events like theft, accidents, or any kind of disaster, whether they’re caused by people or nature. With car insurance, you’ve got backup if there’s any harm caused to someone else or their property. It’s like a financial shield that steps in to cover those situations, giving you peace of mind on the road.

    What is Car Insurance?

    Sometimes, accidents can result in harm to others or damage to their property. Car insurance isn’t just about protecting your own car; it’s also about being responsible for others. In India, having car insurance isn’t just a choice; it’s a must. Buying and renewing your policy on time isn’t just about following the law; it’s your shield against car damages and taking care of others in case of any accidents.

    Why is car insurance important in India?

    In India, the Motor Vehicles Act (1988), makes it mandatory for vehicle owners to hold valid car insurance policies. Just like having a driving license, having car insurance is a basic requirement to legally drive on Indian roads. Without an approved car insurance policy, a vehicle owner’s license can be invalidated, highlighting the critical need for insurance purchase and timely renewals.

    If you own a car in India, you’ve got choices when it comes to insurance. You can go for the required third-party coverage or step up to a comprehensive policy that gives both you and your car extensive protection. If you’re busy and can’t go to the insurance office, just remember you can renew your car insurance online. It’s an easy way to do it without having to go anywhere.

    What are the types of Car Insurance Policies in our country?

    Third-Party Insurance Policy:

    These policies pay for the costs and damages to third parties if your car causes an accident. It includes expenses for injuries, disability, or damage to their property. If your car causes injuries to a third party or damages their property, the insurance company handles the bills and compensates you accordingly.

    As per the Motor Vehicle Act (1988), all car owners in our country need this policy. Without third-party coverage, you might face hefty fines or risk losing your driver's license if caught by traffic authorities. But remember, this policy doesn't cover damage to your own car, only costs related to others if there's an accident.

    Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

    Comprehensive car insurance gives you total protection. It covers everything from accidents to damage costs for others and even things like theft, fire, and natural disasters. It's like an all-in-one shield for your car.

    Similarly, if there's an accident, this policy also covers injuries or loss of life for the driver and passengers inside the vehicle.

    Stand-Alone Damage Car Insurance Policy

    This policy takes care of accidental damage to your car, whether it's from natural disasters like floods or man-made ones like theft or riots. To get this coverage, you'll need to already have third-party insurance. It's like an extra layer of protection that gives your car the best possible coverage.

    Reasons why you should buy a car insurance policy from MyPolicyExpress Insurance Brokers?

    Affordable Premiums and Easy Renewals

    The key feature of our car insurance policy is we ask for affordable premiums from our clients. We make them save money on premiums with intelligent decisions. Additionally, renewing the policy is easy and quick, without any hassle. We offer reminders and quick service for that. SIMPLE offers the finest car insurance quotes tailored to each client's needs. SIMPLE offers the finest car insurance quotes tailored to each client's needs.

    Process is Transparent

    We ensure transparency in our policy-generating process. Our agents believe in transparency. They'll share all the crucial details without hiding anything, ensuring you have complete and proper documentation. We're committed to giving our customers all the essential information they need.

    Quick Claim Settlements

    Our agents are dedicated to handling damage estimates and filing claims, making sure the process is seamless and hassle-free for you. This is why our clients consistently feel satisfied and happy with the quick and efficient service we provide.

    Advice From an Expert

    Our experts are here to guide you toward the best choices that match your needs. They take the time to discuss your requirements thoroughly, offering expert opinions to provide tailored policies and plans that suit you perfectly.x

    Individualized Service from Best Insurance Agents

    We pride ourselves on delivering personalized services and tailoring plans to each client's specific needs. Our team comprises best insurance agents in the market, ensuring we offer the best possible solutions to our customers.

    Simple And Secure Payments

    Our payment system isn't just fast; it also ensures you won't lose any receipts or important financial details. We securely store all our clients' financial information, account records, renewal history, and payment transactions to keep everything safe and sound.

    Less Paperwork and Safe Documentation

    Our company excels in providing the best car insurance policies with minimal paperwork and a speedy application process. Our safe and simple documentation makes getting insured hassle-free. These factors contribute to why we're recognized as one of the leading insurance broking companies in India.

    Prompt Customer Service

    Our customer service is lightning-fast and incredibly dependable, prioritizing maximum customer satisfaction. We use it not just for our clients but also to keep our employees updated through timely training sessions.

    Why choose Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy for your vehicle?

    Gives Easy Access to Cashless Garages

    We handle repair costs according to your claim and directly settle payments with the garage authorities on your behalf.

    The Obligation of Third-Party Car Insurance

    In India, the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 makes it mandatory for all vehicles on the roads to have proper insurance. As a car owner, you need both third-party liability coverage and an insurance policy to comply with the law.

    Compensation on Death

    In the event of an accident causing the untimely death of the policyholder or another party, we provide compensation to the beneficiaries. This assistance aims to maintain their everyday expenses during the difficult period following the loss of their loved one.

    Protect Your Car Against Theft

    If your car gets stolen, we'll compensate you for the loss, providing coverage for this unexpected event.

    Hospitalization Expenses Get Covered

    Being injured in an accident and ending up in the hospital is tough, both emotionally and financially. With medical costs rising steeply, they can really take a toll on your finances. That's where a comprehensive car insurance policy helps—you get compensation for hospitalization expenses, providing relief during these challenging situations.

    Provide Personal Accident Coverage

    Our comprehensive car insurance policy provides personal accident coverage of a large amount for injuries to the registered owner, not only while traveling in the car but also while getting in or out of the car.

    All The Possible Damages Are Covered

    his policy protects your car against damage caused by natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, or hurricanes, and man-made incidents such as riots or malicious acts. It even covers damages during transportation via road, rail, air, or elevator.

    It Saves You from Traffic Fines While Driving

    As per the new Motor Vehicle Act of 2019, driving without car insurance could lead to a traffic fine of Rs. 2000 or more. If caught a second time, the fine doubles and there's a risk of vehicle seized.

    Named Policy

    The insurance document clearly states the ship's name, confirming that the policy is issued in the ship's name.

    So, these are the reasons why you should buy a comprehensive car insurance policy.

    What are the added Advantages of a MyPolicyExpress Car Insurance Policy?

    Protection Cover of Engine

    If you own a high-end car or reside in a flood-prone area, our engine protection cover can be a game-changer. This benefit ensures we cover engine repair or replacement if such a need arises.

    Daily Allowance Benefit

    This coverage is meant for garages. If your car's in the shop for repairs and you're using alternative transportation, the insurance company provides a daily allowance if the repair takes more than three days.

    Protection Cover of Consumables

    Our coverage extends to the repair or replacement of various components like nuts, bolts, lubricants, and filters—essential parts like engine oil, A/C gas, and brake oil are all included. We provide comprehensive protection for these consumables, ensuring thorough coverage of your vehicle's essential elements.

    No Claim Bonus Protection Cover

    If you haven't filed a claim in recent years, you're eligible for our No Claim Bonus. It's an added advantage in our car insurance policy, offering policyholders discounts of up to 50% on their premium.

    Protection Cover on the Loss of Personal Belongings

    This coverage includes compensation for personal items—like mobile phones, laptops, or clothing—kept in your car that might go missing due to reasons like theft. If these belongings are damaged in accidents or other incidents, the company compensates you for the loss by providing monetary coverage.

    Zero Depreciation Cover

    As time passes and your car gets used, the original value of your car decreases. The zero-depreciation cover policy steps in to compensate for this loss in value, ensuring you're not impacted by depreciation when making a claim for your vehicle's parts.

    Liabilities Of Third-Party

    If your car causes damage to someone else's property in an accident, our policy covers the costs involved. You can rest assured—these aspects are all part of our car insurance policies.

    Save Through Paying High Deductibles

    Deductibles are the portion of the claim that the policyholder agrees to pay themselves. Choosing higher deductibles can lower the premium cost. Opting to cover deductibles during a claim can lead to discounts on future premiums.

    Roadside Assistance Cover

    Our roadside assistance is there for breakdowns or accidents, offering services like towing to the nearest network garage, battery jumpstarts, on-call support, taxi benefits, and minor repairs. These standout add-ons are what set us apart as the best car insurance company.

    How The Amount of Car Insurance Premium of Your Selected Plan is Calculated?

    The premium amount depends on various factors, including the type of car you own, the insurance plan you choose, and any additional facilities you want to add. Let’s explore the three components of a premium and what influences each of them.

    Three Components

    Own Damage Premium

    This sums up as IDV X (Tariff Rate) (Discounts) + Add-ons.

    Third-Party Liability Premium

    According to the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA), the third-party liability premium in car insurance increases in line with your car's cubic capacity.

    The Premium for Personal Accident Cover + Additional Covers

    Factors influencing these three components

    Fuel Type

    Repairing dents, painting, and maintenance for petrol cars tend to be less expensive compared to diesel and CNG vehicles. This difference is why insuring petrol cars often costs less and is more affordable.

    Year Of Manufacture

    The premium amount is determined by the year the car was manufactured. Newer cars might have higher costs for coverage due to the lack of available spare parts in the market.

    Insured Declared Value (IDV)

    The declared value sets the maximum claimable amount for a car under an insurance policy. A vehicle with a higher market value and Insured Declared Value (IDV) tends to result in a higher premium.


    Urban areas experience heavy traffic, increasing the likelihood of accidents, whereas rural areas see less traffic. This variance in accident probability based on location can result in different premiums for the same vehicle.


    The cost of your premium goes up with each add-on you choose to include in your insurance policy. The more add-ons you opt for, the higher your car insurance premium will be.

    Make and Model

    Insurance rates are higher for high-end car models and lower for lower-end models. Exactly, luxury cars often have more expensive parts and repairs, leading to higher insurance expenses.

    Claim History

    You're eligible to benefit from the No Claim Bonus at any time if you haven't filed a claim in the previous year.

    What isn't included in the MyPolicyExpress Car Insurance Policy?

    Damage While Driving Without a License

    Our company won't cover any loss if the driver didn't have their driving license at the time of the incident, regardless of the circumstances.

    Drunk Driving

    The policy doesn't cover any damage or loss caused when the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs during an unexpected event.

    Damage Due to War, Mutiny, Nuclear and Chemical Risks

    If your car gets damaged due to negligent behavior, like driving through waterlogged areas or intentionally causing damage by jumping the vehicle from a height, the policy won't cover the loss.

    Damage Caused Due to Negligence

    If your car gets damaged due to negligent behavior, like driving through waterlogged areas or intentionally causing damage by jumping the vehicle from a height, the policy won't cover the loss.

    Normal Wear and Tear

    The policy doesn't cover damage resulting from wear and tear of car parts, as well as electrical or mechanical breakdowns.

    No Requisite Add-On Cover

    Certain damages are only covered if you've added specific extra protections. Without those, the policy will provide standard coverage only.

    Compulsory Deductibles

    The fixed sum subtracted during a claim is known as a compulsory deductible. Customers, not the company, are accountable for paying these compulsory deductibles.

    How can you reduce the cost of your Car Insurance Policy Premium?

    Acknowledge and Claim the No Claim Bonus

    If you've been a responsible driver without making any claims in recent years, you'll receive a reward known as the No Claim Bonus. This could earn you a discount of up to 50% on your premium each year, helping you save on your car insurance costs.

    Recognize Your Car's IDV

    As a car loses value over time due to depreciation, knowing its precise worth is important. A lower Insured Declared Value (IDV) means you'll pay a lower premium amount.

    Increase the amount of Voluntary Deductibles

    When it comes to the Voluntary Deductible, it's the sum you're willing to cover personally. Opting for higher deductibles means lower premium payments to the company.

    Acquire AAI Membership

    Being a member of the Automobile Association of India (AAI) is a crucial step in reducing your premium expenses. Membership with AAI qualifies you for a discount on personal damage premiums for your vehicle.

    What's the best way to pick the Car Insurance Policy that fits you perfectly?

    Now that we’ve covered different car insurance policies, we’re here to lend a hand in choosing the right one to protect your vehicle. With so many options out there, finding the perfect policy might seem overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’ve summarized some key points below to make it easier for you to pick the policy that suits your needs best:

    Have a look into the Insurance Company's claim settlement ratio:

    Before you buy any policy, take a moment for some research. Look into the claim settlement ratio—it tells you the percentage of claims approved by the company out of the total received in a year. It's a smart move before you choose your insurance provider!

    A high and strong claim settlement ratio of a company indicates that it's a best insurance provider. The higher the claim settlement ratio will be, the more you will be reassured about the chances of your claim being honored and accepted within no time, in the future.

    Transparency about the type of Policy which you actually require

    The Third-Party Liability Car Insurance policy is generally a basic legal requirement and is chosen by individuals who want to purchase car insurance because it is compulsory by law. This policy compensates against the losses or unfortunate cases suffered by a third party on the occasion of an accident caused due to a mistake of the policyholder's car.

    However, if you want complete protection from the damages caused due to unforeseen accidents, selecting a comprehensive car insurance policy is always the best alternative. Moreover, you can pick add-ons for your car as per the risks which are more relevant and meaningful to your requirements.

    Include Service Benefits or Add-Ons in Your Plan

    We all crave top-notch service, right? Well, to get there, consider those add-ons—they come packed with great perks! Just take a good look and pick the ones that match your needs, especially for covering accidental damages. That's the secret to finding the perfect car insurance plan that suits you best.

    Process of the Claim

    Some insurance companies have a drawn-out and complicated claim process, causing delivery delays. On top of that, low customer satisfaction ratings and unhelpful agents can add to your frustration. That's why, especially during an accident, you want quick and hassle-free service—making the right choice matters!

    Hey, when you're getting car insurance, these are the key things to look into. Remember, go for an insurer with an easy claims process and a track record of delivering top-notch service quickly. It's all about finding that hassle-free, quality coverage for your wheels!

    What documents do you need to claim on your Car Insurance?

    If you want your claim amount authorized quickly and hassle-free, then you should keep all these documents handy.

    • Copy of Police FIR (filed after the unfortunate event)
    • A fully completed and signed claim form by the policyholder.
    • Certificate for commercial vehicles
    • Driving license
    • Insurance policy documents with the attached endorsement.
    • The registration certificate (RC) for your four-wheeled vehicle.

    About Claims

    Can I shift my vehicle from the spot of an accident?

    However, if the vehicle is in immovable condition or if there is a leakage of engine oil or coolant, then it is recommended not to start or move the car. But, if the vehicle is in immovable condition or if there is a leakage of engine oil or coolant, then it is recommended not to start or move the car. Therefore, if there is a problem with road blockage then you can tow or push the car without starting it./p>

    For commercial vehicles, it is strongly recommended and advised to opt for a real spot survey. In case of road blockage or a leak, simply move the car to the side of the road.

    When Should I Register the Claim?

    If there's an accident or damage, report the claim quickly. But, take care of yourself first—get medical help if needed. For theft, report to the company within 24 hours of filing a police report.

    What Are Cashless Car Insurance Claims

    With cashless car insurance claims, you can get your vehicle fixed at specific garages without paying upfront. The insurance company settles the bill directly with the garage—no immediate expenses on your end. It's a convenient way to get your car sorted hassle-free!

    In General

    Which extra features does my car need?

    Our team of experts is here to help you pick the perfect add-ons for your car. Just give us a heads-up about what you need, and we'll tailor our suggestions to match your requirements.

    What Is IDV In Car Insurance?

    The Insured Declared Value (IDV) is the maximum amount your insurance company promises to pay you for a claim. It's adjusted yearly to factor in depreciation, influencing your car insurance cost. This value determines what you'll get in case of a claim, so it's important to keep an eye on it.

    About Policy

    Can I pick as many extra benefits as I want for my policy, or is there a limit?

    There are no restrictions on the choice of add-ons.

    What is the time period for which a Car Insurance Policy is issued?

    A car insurance policy is issued for a year or for more years. The policyholder must renew the policy before the particular expiry date mentioned on the insurance policy document. In the case of a new car, the owner has to mandatorily buy 3 years of compulsory TP with a course of action of one year OD or a 3-year OD. In this way, he will continue to enjoy a no-claim bonus and will not have to take the pain of getting an inspection done at every renewal.

    Can I divide my car insurance payment into smaller installments?

    According to Section 64VB of the Insurance Act of 1938, insurance for any risk isn't permissible unless the full premium is paid upfront before the policy starts.

    About Premium

    By adding extra features to my car premium, how much will my overall cost go up?

    Most extra benefits in car insurance are reasonably priced and not too expensive. The number of add-ons you can get depends on things like how old your vehicle is, what type it is, where you live, and more. Just let us know which add-ons you’re interested in, and we’ll give you a price for them in your car insurance plan.

    For Car Insurance Renewal

    What's Break-In Insurance, and what should I do if it occurs?

    Break-in insurance happens when your car insurance lapses because you didn't renew it on time. In India, it's essential to always have third-party car insurance if you're driving. With break-in insurance, if it's within 90 days of lapsing, you can keep your No Claim Bonus. Also, when getting a new policy after a break-in, a car inspection might be required.

    Can I purchase a new car insurance plan during the renewal periods?

    Yes, indeed! During your policy renewal, you have the flexibility to either add on new options or switch to different insurance plans if you prefer.

    Car Insurance that is right for you

    In India, as per the Motor Vehicle Act, it is compulsory to have a valid insurance policy if you want to take your car on the road. There are different kinds of private car insurance that protects you from financial implications when the insured car accidentally causes damage to another vehicle or property or injuries to a person. Private car insurances cover most of the  liabilities and damages caused to the insured car.

    Comprehensive Car Insurance

    Collision Damage or Own Damage

    Third-Party Liability Only Cover

    Features and Benefits

    Check out the most important features and benefits of different private car insurance covers offered by My Policy Express.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The third party liability cover will protect you against any legal liability caused due to unintentional damages including:

    • Permanent injury of the individual
    • Death of the individual
    • Damage caused to the property of the individual
    • Damage caused while driving the insured vehicle on road

    Insured Declared Value: IDV is the current market value of the car after accounting for depreciation. IDV is the maximum amount you can claim if your four-wheeler is stolen or has suffered a total loss. Your car insurance is directly proportionate to your IDV, meaning higher IDV results in higher car insurance premiums.

    Age of the car: The age of the car affects the premium of a four-wheeler insurance policy. Insurance premiums are more expensive for brand new cars and cheaper for older ones. Since the value of your vehicle depreciates every year, the IDV/Insured declared value falls and along with the policy premium.

    Insurance Coverage: The type of policy you purchase for your car decides the cost of the car insurance policy premium. A policy such as third-party insurance would cover only the third party liabilities, which will come at cheaper premiums.

    Instant Quote: While purchasing your car insurance policy online, you also research the policy’s coverage. This deep-dive ensures that the policy type you pick is best suited for your car’s needs and matches your budget.

    Easy Comparison: The online car insurance calculator also makes it easy for you to compare car insurance policies and find the policy that fits your requirement. It is always recommended to compare a few plans before you make a final call.

    Paperless and Quick: Purchasing or renewing your four wheeler insurance online eliminates the need for paper as well as paperwork. Excessive documentation, waiting in queues, and the use of papers for your insurance documents are not part of the quick and easy online process.