What age is the right to buy a Health Insurance Policy?

Everyone should have health insurance to help pay for big medical bills. You might hear people say it’s smart to get health insurance when you’re young. But why is that? Let’s figure out when it’s best to get health insurance and why it’s a good idea to do it when you’re younger.

Is it recommended to buy health insurance at a younger age?

Absolutely. Acquiring a health insurance policy in your youth is highly advisable. If financially viable, obtaining health coverage upon reaching 18 is strongly recommended. Consider some compelling reasons why securing health insurance at a younger age is advantageous:

No Pre-policy Medical Check-up

When you get health insurance while you're young, you usually don't need a medical check-up. This stops the insurance company from finding any health issues that could raise your premium. However, this isn't an option for those over 45. Their premiums are based on their medical check-up results.

Lower Premium

Your age is a key factor in deciding how much you pay for health insurance. Younger folks are seen as healthier by insurance companies, so they're less risky to insure. Conversely, older individuals are more prone to health issues, making them riskier for insurers. Therefore, the younger you are, the less you'll likely pay for your premium.

Earning Cumulative Bonus

Many health insurance schemes offer a bonus for each year without a claim. This bonus can boost your coverage without extra charges. Younger folks, often healthier and less likely to claim, can accrue this bonus over time. However, older individuals, dealing with age-related health issues, may find it harder to accumulate this bonus due to more frequent claims.

Financial Freedom

Health insurance serves the fundamental purpose of covering your medical costs, saving you significant money, particularly for issues related to a sedentary lifestyle. Otherwise, you'd have to personally cover these expenses. Buying the policy sooner grants you greater financial freedom.

Easier to Get Over Waiting Period

Each health insurance policy comes with an initial waiting period of 30 days. Younger individuals typically have a lower likelihood of needing to make a claim during this time, given their lower probability of serious medical conditions. Consequently, they can navigate this waiting period comfortably. However, the situation differs for older individuals, who may encounter a medical emergency shortly after purchasing the policy, yet cannot file a claim during the waiting period.

When should you consider buying a Health Insurance Policy?

Buying a health insurance policy in your mid-twenties and early thirties is ideal since you are likely in your best health and have minimal financial responsibilities for your family. Let’s examine the implications of purchasing a health insurance policy at various ages.

In your twenties, is buying Health Insurance Advisable?

Buying a health insurance policy in your mid-twenties allows for easy premium payments without financial pressure. Affordable premiums enable selection of optimal coverage tailored to your needs. Access to additional coverage like maternity insurance is feasible, with the waiting period addressed for future family planning. Moreover, securing lifetime renewal and accruing cumulative bonuses become achievable.

In your thirties, is buying health insurance advisable?

Deciding to purchase a health insurance policy in your thirties often involves opting for a family health plan. At this stage, settling down and starting a family may be a priority, warranting coverage for your spouse and children. Additionally, considering additional coverage for diseases like heart ailments, which tend to manifest symptoms around this age, becomes important. Consequently, the probability of increased health insurance premiums and making claims rises during your thirties.

In your Forties and Fifties, is buying health insurance advisable?

When you buy health insurance after turning 60, you’ll likely pay a high premium. At this age, you might deal with serious health problems needing long hospital stays. Basic plans won’t be enough; you may need special senior citizen coverage with higher benefits like coverage for alternative treatments and organ donor expenses.


It’s wise to purchase a health insurance policy as early as you can. The earlier you buy, the more advantageous it is for your finances. Ensure to compare various health insurance plans online using MyPolicyExpress.com to select the most suitable policy within your financial constraints.